Susan Roothman

Susan Roothman has practiced law since 1993. Prior to immigrating to Canada in 2002, Susan practiced in South Africa in the areas of family law, personal injury law, medical malpractice and general civil litigation.

She was the founding partner of Roothman & Roothman Attorneys in Cape Town. Prior to her legal career she held an academic research position in political science at the University of Stellenbosch. She also served as an officer in the South African Defence Force (Permanent Force). She was later appointed to the rank of Major in the Reserve Force.

Susan has extensive litigation experience and appeared in the Supreme Court of Yukon and the Court of Appeal. She also has experience in appearing before tribunals and served as legal counsel to the Yukon Human Rights Commission for a few years before she returned to full time private practice, practicing in partnership with André Roothman.

Susan was lead counsel in a case where she acted for clients who successfully took the Yukon Government to court on a judicial review of a land allocation. She has also achieved success at trial in a medical malpractice case for a client whose doctor failed to detect the presence of a migrating IUD that caused her severe pain for many years. Most of her cases settled at mediation or judicial settlement conferences where she obtained significant settlements for clients in personal injury cases, some of those for multiple times the amounts that the insurance companies initially offered directly to the clients.

She represented families of people who died in police custody and in Territorial institutions at Coroner’s Inquests. She also represented those families in subsequent wrongful death claims against the RCMP and Yukon Government. Her involvement in one of the Inquests was instrumental in the closing of holdings cells at the RCMP Detachment in Whitehorse. A selection of cases in which Susan was involved can be accessed below.

Susan focuses her practice on personal injury cases other than motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice cases and family law. She also practices in the areas of general civil litigation and administrative law.

She is an avid photographer and her photographs have been showcased on several international digital exhibitions. A selection of her work can also be seen our Kelowna office.


  • B.A. (Honours) (Political Science) - University of Stellenbosch
  • M.A. (Political Science) - University of South Africa
  • B. Proc (Law) - University of South Africa
  • Certificate of Qualification - National Committee on Accreditation (Canada)

Professional Memberships

  • Law Society of British Columbia
  • Law Society of Yukon
  • Attorney of the High Court of South Africa
  • Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia
  • Canadian Bar Association

Civil Litigation / Human Rights / Administrative Law

Blackjack v. Yukon (Chief Coroner), 2018 YKCA 14 (CanLII)

Representing a Yukon First Nation in an appeal by the Chief Coroner against a decision of the Supreme Court that an Inquest into the death of a citizen be held. Court of Appeal ruled in favour of First Nation.


Blackjack v. Yukon (Chief Coroner), 2017 YKSC 17 (CanLII)

Representing a Yukon First Nation in an application that the Chief Coroner hold an Inquest into the death of a citizen who died as result of failures in the health care system. Supreme Court ruled in favour of client and ordered that Inquest be held.


Blackjack v. Yukon (Chief Coroner), 2016 YKSC 53 (CanLII)

Representing a Yukon First Nation, seeking standing in an application of judicial review. Standing granted to client.


Silverfox v. Chief Coroner, 2012 YKSC 74 (CanLII)

Representing a member of a Yukon First Nation, seeking judicial review of the Coroner’s Inquest proceedings. Court ruled in favour of client and held that the process was flawed.


Tupper v. Reddoch, 2013 YKSC 113 YKSC 113 (CanLII)

Medical malpractice. IUD embedded in client’s uterus. Physician failed to take reasonable steps to investigate when client complained of severe discomfort. Damages awarded to client.


Town of Faro v. Carpenter, 2008 YKSC 25 (CanLII)

Representing Yukon Human Rights Commission in opposing application by Town of Faro to have investigation report dismissed. Court held in favour of client.


Dalziel v. Yukon Government et al, 2008 YKSC 4 (CanLII)

Representing clients against Yukon Government in application for judicial review of a land application to accommodate a septic system. Court ruled in favour of clients.


Doyle v. Workers' Compensation Health & Safety Board, 2006 YKSC 22 (CanLII)

Representing a worker and the Workers’ Advocate in a Judicial review of procedural errors by the Workers’ Compensation Health & Safety Board


Town of Faro v. Carpenter, 2008 YKSC 25 (CanLII)

Representing the Yukon Human Rights Commission against allegations of bias


Yukon Human Rights Commission v. Yukon Human Rights Board of Adjudication, Property Management Agency and Yukon Government, 2009 YKSC 44 (CanLII)

Representing the Yukon Human Rights Commission in an appeal relating to allegations of discrimination on the grounds of a criminal record


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